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Sleep…My Drug of Choice

Is there anything better than sleep? Does anything feel quite as terrific as after a good night of sleep? Six months ago I started struggling with this beautiful, necessary function of our bodies. For six months I’ve been fighting for it, praying for it, taking all natural supplements to help me get it, even getting desperate for it. I was, in essence, a sleep junkie. And whenever I could get my fix I couldn’t wait for more.

Insomnia ruled my life. I would be up at 11:30 almost every night making something to eat. I know, 11:30 doesn’t sound too late. But when I had to be up and going by 5am, it was super late for me. I would be able to finally close my eyes, exhausted, between 1am and 2:30 am every morning. I was gaining weight. I felt cloudy all day long. There would be times that I would fall asleep at my desk, I was so desperate. My temper was short and I was fighting depression along with everything else. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t see past my exhaustion. Even driving was dangerous because I’d often get so sleepy at the wheel that my eyes would start to close. There were a few times I actually started to doze.

And here’s where veganism quite literally saved my life. It’s been two and a half weeks since I went fully vegan. I know, not a long time. But everyone has to start somewhere. For the last week, I’ve slept! No help needed. No more St. John’s Wort (it honestly smells like cow dung), no more praying I fall alseep. No more crazy dreams, no more trying to MAKE my body go into unconsciousness. I’m free of insomnia, I’m free of depression, and I feel better than I have in six months. I’ve even lost about seven pounds! I’m winning and I’m never looking back!

Have you ever had to deal with a problem in an unconventional way? What steps have you taken to overcome what you thought was going to be a lifelong issue, only to defeat it? Let me know in the comments below.