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Reconnecting with My World

So the last month has been a crazy maze of being too busy to think, too down to engage, and too bored to care. I let myself become a hermit, and I let myself disconnect with the world around me. I’ve had writers block, creativity block, and just a block in general. Being honest: I spent the entire day in bed one Sunday doing nothing but watching t.v. and eating at regular intervals – that’s not me! I’m the go-getter, I’m the doer, I’m the project maker and completer. Looking back on that day, I still cannot believe I allowed myself to become that person, but I do believe it was needed.

We all have dark days. We all have a pit we fall into. It’s not weakness to allow yourself to wallow in those dark places. It requires strength to be able to acknowledge that you’re there. I’m there right now. I’m slowing pulling myself back into the light, but right now I’m there. Because of my personality type I might be more susceptible to falling into my darkness, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of walking back into the light.

So I’m encouraging you today to recognize that you have a dark side. Recognize that there might be periods of time that you allow yourself to fall into those dark, lonely places. It reminds you that you’re human, and you feel a myriad of different realities. Embrace all of you, not just the surface of yourself. Only then will you know true wisdom.