My Most Used Sources

So I’ve recently recounted the woes of my dietary habits on my home page, and the amazing blog I’ve found that is constantly guiding me through this new phase of my sugar-free life:

The author is a wonderful, brilliant young woman that has made this transition so much easier than if I would have had to go it alone. Today I just wanted to share a couple other sites with you, my readers, that have become all-natural information encyclopaedias for me: – This site is dedicated to finding recipes and short cuts to making all of your own every day products yourself, and using all natural products, a God-send! – The Gypsy Dietitian, she’s the alter-ego I wish I could become full-time. She has a website chalk full of tips for organic food, fitness, recipes, and a whole lot more!

And the most recent information wealth that I have discovered: – This young man, who has a beautiful wife and two daughters, is helping people all over the world beat cancer with an all natural approach. His story is absolutely astonishing and he has tips and tricks for everyone, not just cancer patients


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