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I Believe…This might turn some against me.

I work in an industry that promotes consumerism and the right of the wealthy, for whom else can afford the products we design and sell? No one except those with money (unless of course we feel the need to donate a product for a specific cause, which my company does actually do quite frequently). But my job does not define me. My job is not me. I actually work in an industry I do not believe in. Why? Why would I allow myself to be used in this manner? Why would I accept a paycheck for doing something that doesn’t fulfill me? As of this moment the answer is shallow, and it is deep: the money. But that in and of itself is not a moral issue. The use of the wealth or lack thereof that you are given for your time is the moral issue. I have to pay the bills just like anyone else. But I also have dreams, wishes, and goals. But those things do cost something, and so I have to find a way to fund them. I too, want to be able to do something more with my life, and someday I hope to get to the place where I can do it full time. But right now, I must take what I can to survive.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is just because you’re stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in doesn’t mean you need to despair about it all the time. I am not only my job.

I am naturalist; I am a believer in the power of meditation, the strength of yoga, and the balance of nature. I believe that plants and animals have souls – otherwise how could they worship God – that being of all things spiritual? I believe that modern technological advances can help us clean up the mess we have made of this planet. I believe nature is best left alone. I believe that God made this planet perfectly, and we’re here taking advantage of and ruining that perfection. (I include myself in this belief. I am a part of the problem. I want to be a part of the solution as well). I am a believer of self-education. I believe in the power of books, and the ideas that weren’t originally my own embedding themselves into my life. I believe society is failing itself, but that we can turn ourselves around. I believe, at the same time, that there are people who are trying to turn our social structure and social norms around. I believe that love in every form should be embraced, and that all people are allowed to love in the way they see fit, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. And even if I don’t practice them myself. I believe in the power of giving and the power of love. I believe in a great big God. I believe in all things beautiful. I believe that equality, no matter your social standing, skin color, or any other difference you embrace, is a basic human right. I believe that clean water, food, and freedom are also basic human rights. I believe that alternate energy solutions should be embraced, funded, and allowed to flourish without government interference. I am a lover of wind and an embracer of rain. I believe the Earth is a living being, and we should respect her as such. I don’t believe that taking substance from the Earth is wrong, but I do believe that hunting just to kill, fishing for a prize, and wasting natural resources – or polluting them – are horrid practices. If you are a hunter for meat, a fisher for sustenance, and a planter for food, you are my friend.

If my beliefs make me a radical, extremist, or mental, I embrace those labels as well.

I am not just one thing, but many. I do not believe in only myself, I believe in the natural and spiritual worlds around me. I believe good and evil do exist, and that love is the cure of all evil.


Reconnecting with My World

So the last month has been a crazy maze of being too busy to think, too down to engage, and too bored to care. I let myself become a hermit, and I let myself disconnect with the world around me. I’ve had writers block, creativity block, and just a block in general. Being honest: I spent the entire day in bed one Sunday doing nothing but watching t.v. and eating at regular intervals – that’s not me! I’m the go-getter, I’m the doer, I’m the project maker and completer. Looking back on that day, I still cannot believe I allowed myself to become that person, but I do believe it was needed.

We all have dark days. We all have a pit we fall into. It’s not weakness to allow yourself to wallow in those dark places. It requires strength to be able to acknowledge that you’re there. I’m there right now. I’m slowing pulling myself back into the light, but right now I’m there. Because of my personality type I might be more susceptible to falling into my darkness, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of walking back into the light.

So I’m encouraging you today to recognize that you have a dark side. Recognize that there might be periods of time that you allow yourself to fall into those dark, lonely places. It reminds you that you’re human, and you feel a myriad of different realities. Embrace all of you, not just the surface of yourself. Only then will you know true wisdom.