Adventures of A 6 Year Old

I’m a girl that likes to be outdoors. That being said, after 8 hours in the office, and 2 more doing the “mom” thing as soon as I get home, my brain is not going “let’s go outside!” It’s actually yelling at me to get my butt in a chair and just let it stop working for 5 whole minutes. Tonight was no exception.20140806_194426

Here’s the scenario: a tired mother (me), fighting siblings (my very own), a grumpy 6 year old who wanted to do everything with his dinner humanly possible except eat it, and tons of cleaning that had to be done before I could allow myself the luxury of going to the bathroom.

Miraculously, all of this settled down as my parents left for Wednesday evening service with both of my brothers, Legoman got himself fed (finally!) and the dishes were done, the laundry got put away, the room got swept…and I got to go to the bathroom. (Yippee!) Now I get to feed myself and sit down for 15 minutes at the table with a book in hand. I know, I know. Parents should eat dinner with their kids. In this house, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Tonight it didn’t. Don’t hate me, please. And don’t preach to me. I’m a single mother. Yes, I do live with family, and yes, they do help out a ton, but in the end, it’s all on me. He is all mine, and all my responsibility. And this living with my parents thing only happened recently, so I’m used to doing it all by myself.

Anyway, as I said, Legoman was extra-grumpy. And I was extra exhausted. I got tired at yelling at him for being loud, for being whiny, for crying because he couldn’t get on the computer, for making a mess and for just generally getting on my shortened nerves tonight. Then I got a bright idea: take the kid out of the house and go DO something. We just happen to have a World Fair Garden five minutes away, and it is now one of my favorite places around. I got an hour with my little boy, but more than that, I got to see this world through his eyes for a little while.

He finds everything outdoors exciting; from the birds we saw sitting in trees to the cat that jumped out of a garbage can. He got within 10 yards of a bunny and thought it was the coolest thing ever. We crossed a tiny stone slab of a bridge and he dunked half his head in the water trying to look under it. We walked a bridge that used to be part of a rail road, and he couldn’t believe trains used to come over that thing. We raced up steep trails, three times. And tried not to fall on our faces coming back down. There was a lot I didn’t get pictures of that I could have, only because I was too busy just…being.

20140806_200506 20140806_200410 20140806_194443

We just walked and talked about anything he wanted to the whole time. My favorite part of the entire evening? I got to hear this little guy say: “I like walking and talking like this. It’s like you’re my mom, but you’re my pal too.”

Can you say coolest thing ever, or what?! Tonight made me realize that we don’t have to go across country, or on huge trips with our kids to create memories. Walk into your backyard and try to remember what it would have looked like as a child. Create your own adventures, and cherish the memories they will make.

Just a few more pictures:


Yes, those are stone mushrooms folks. He especially loved climbing on these.

20140806_200428 20140806_194440 20140806_194932


2 responses to “Adventures of A 6 Year Old

  1. I love the face he is making on the stone mushrooms!
    Not to toot my own horn but on one of my pages I have listed things or activities to do outside, as well as some other neat sites to check out. So the next time the situation calls for it you can have some more ideas! 🙂

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